Aloe-Aloe® hybrid aloes

Aloe-Aloe® hybrid aloes make a true statement with their sensational flowering (and architectural form) and depending on the cultivar chosen provide colour at a time of year when colour can really be at a premium in the garden.

The result of a 40 year breeding program in South Africa, Aloe-Aloe® hybrid aloes flower bigger, longer and more prolifically than pure aloe species.

The wide genetic makeup of Aloe-Aloe® hybrid aloes (some as many as 8 parent species) and careful selection process during hybridization results in plants that can handle a wider range of climatic conditions and makes them ideally suited to the Australian garden. 

Over 40 cultivars in a range of mature sizes and flower colours means there is something for everyone in the Aloe-Aloe® range.

Scyppan Green is thrilled to be able to offer Aloe-Aloe® hybrid aloes to our customers and clients.


NB. All Hybrid Aloe-Aloe’s listed below are 140mm pot sizes

Some are available in bigger sizes (200mm pots) and a few varieties are available in ‘instant wow’ size.

Contact us directly for current availability



Typically, we can fit six 140mm Aloe Aloe™ hybrid aloes in an extra-large box through Australia Post under our standard shipping fee of $20.

If you live outside our South-East Queensland local delivery area, an order exceeding this quantity will show as undeliverable at the checkout. This occurs when the order is all Hybrid Aloes but will also sometimes occur with order combinations of hybrid aloes with other plants.

If you wish to place an order that exceeds this quantity, contact us directly so we can provide you with a custom shipping cost to your location.


Refer to the Aloe-Aloe hybrid aloe Comparison Chart’ for comparison details and if there’s anything you like from the chart that isn’t listed below then drop us a line.

For Aloe Aloe™ hybrid aloe care click here



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