"aloe aloe, what's going on 'ere then?"

the simple answer is, it's ALL going on!

As summer wanes and cooler weather begins to make it's presence felt the wonderful architectural form of Aloe-Aloe® Hybrid Aloes begins to take a back seat to stunning floral displays.


From subtle pastel colouring to vibrant 'in your face' hues that scream look at me, Aloe-Aloe® Hybrid Aloes really do have it all going on in the cooler months!


'Bang for your buck' pretty much sums up where Harlequinᵀᴹ is at.


A lot of flower for a compact variety!

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'Bush Baby Yellow'ᴾᴮᴿ ᵀᴹ

One of our favourite compact Hybrid Aloes.


Flowers for up to 6 months of the year!

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'Spots n Dots'ᵀᴹ

Heavily 'dotted' greyish leaves complimented by red to yellow bi-coloured flowers.


Sought after!

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This collection of rare & limited availability Hybrid Aloes is largely made up of established specimens from 200mm up to 500mm/45L sizes.

We have several varieties available (including those shown).

Contact us direct for details

Why our Local Delivery option makes sense


Our flat rate delivery fee of $18 per order within our local South-East Queensland delivery area is nothing short of a bargain with larger orders.

If you are ordering either a larger number and/or established sized Hybrid Aloes this will be by far the most economical way of getting them to you.

Interstate Shipping


Our Express Post flat rate delivery effectively covers you for up to 6x 140mm Hybrid Aloes.


For quantities larger than this or for larger specimens, contact us direct with your wish list and we'll work out the most economical way of getting the plants to you.




*Please note. We cannot guarantee 2022 flowering with any purchases of our Hybrid Aloes. 

It is dependent on the both the particular variety and maturity of that variety.  

It's hard to believe, given the current prevailing conditions...

that it wasn't that long ago the country was being ravaged by bush fires!

In part this is the very nature of Australia, a land of extremes, and given how things are changing preparedness for these extremes is becoming more and more essential.


Aloe-Aloe® Hybrid Aloes play a role in this with their low flammability and are an excellent option in bushfire prone areas.

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