The Jade or Money Plant (Crassula Ovata) might be the most well known but there are somewhere around 200 recognised varieties of Crassula.

Most of what is grown commercially and sold as ornamental is native to the Eastern Cape region of South Africa.

Looking after Crassula is totally stress free. They are a true easy care plant.

Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata) is the iconic form of Crassula and are frequently placed at the entrance of homes to encourage the flow of money into the home (a nod to Feng Shui principles) but all the Ovata varieties work a treat in the garden as colour contrast, texture and green filler.

They also work indoors, which is also where smaller unique varieties such as ‘Buddha’s Temple’ and ‘Pagoda Village’ can make a big statement in a small pot.

Indoors or out, there’s a Crassula for your home!

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