The Madagascar Palm (Pachypodium) is not actually a palm but a succulent more closely related to cacti with stunning architectural form that lends them to desert/xeriscape themed gardens and as a feature specimen.

They differ from Cacti in that they have visible leaves.

The thick shiny bark helps reflect sunlight and stop the plant from drying out.

That said, direct sunlight is very important to Pachypodium’s and insufficient will lead to sad and disease prone plants. Not a plant that will be particularly happy indoors.

In their native environment rainfall is seasonally infrequent, so the plant has to grab what it can when it can. Because of this they differ from many succulents that have fine root systems and instead have quite fibrous roots able to take up water like a sponge.

Deciduous in cooler winter temperatures.

Can’t get enough of the heat so find somewhere warm and sunny for them!

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