If you are new to gardening and plants, pot sizes might seem a bit confusing.

The main thing to remember is that when a plant is described as 100mm or 140mm etc.. this relates to the pot size the plant is in at the point of sale, not the size of the plant itself.

The number refers to the diameter at the top of the pot and the higher the number the bigger the pot size.

The table below shows a comparison of pot sizes:


nb. These are some of the more typical sizes. There are variations to these. 

For example, sometimes plants are grown in ‘squat’ pots which aren’t quite as tall as standard. This is common for shallow rooted plants such as succulents and cacti.

(volumes stated are approximate)

*Tubestock: There is no such thing as a single generic sizing for what is classed as tubestock. In the real world, it covers a range of sizes from 40 to 75mm with volumes from around 110 to 300ml.
















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