Aloe Peglerae

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'Turks cap', 'Red Hot Pokers'

*Fires and habitat loss in their geographically small native habitat in South Africa have resulted in this plant becoming threatened

These Aloe are really cool.

We love these!

Highly ornamental.

The inward growing leaves make for a really unique look.

Native to South Africa, in their native environment they typically live in sunny exposed sites on rocky ledges with good summer rainfall.

Great in xeriscapes and rock gardens.


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Plant Size:Small

Plant Size:


Height: 0.4m (excludes flowers)






Suitability For Potting:Yes

Suitability For Potting:


Water Requirement:Low but plant will benefit from water in very dry climate, particularly in summer.

Water Requirement:

Low. Keep dry in winter

Soil Type:Most soil types as long as free draining but rich soil preferred. If clay soils must raise plant so water drains away

Soil Type:

Gritty, very free draining

Light Requirement:Full sun

Light Requirement

Full sun

 Cold & Frost Tolerance: to around -2C 

Cold & Frost Tolerance:

Not frost tolerant




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