Aloe Plicatilis

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A truly unique, multi-branched Tree Aloe with clusters of upright blue/green leaves.

Stunning architectural form becomes increasingly apparent as the plant develops branches and matures.

Sought after for it's architectural form (as opposed to flowering ability).


Before purchasing please note:

The native habitat of Fan Aloe (Aloe Plicatilis) is confined to a very few localised mountainous regions of Western Cape in South Africa that have a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and wet cool winters.

Quite different from South-East Queensland, especially when we are hit with La Nina weather patterns.

This can make Plicatilis tricky to grow here, particularly in wet summers.

Please be aware of this if you wish to purchase.

That said, we have been growing these for a few years now with some success, so the concept of growing them in South-East QLD is definitely not beyond the realms of possibility.


NB. Our 200mm specimens are minimum two head (typically three) with a few having up to five heads.

Please feel free to email or ring us on 0466 316 505 before placing an order if you want to check the current availability status of our stocks regards the number of heads.

These 200mm plants are local delivery only on the website. If you live outside our local delivery area, please drop us line for a custom shipping rate to your place.


Refer to 'Shop & Ship' for details on shipping rates and local delivery area

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Plant Size:

small tree 







Soil Type:free draining, gravelly

Soil Type:

Very free draining, gravelly

Flowering Period:red flowers spring

Flowering Period:

red flowers spring

Suitability For Potting:large pots, may ultimately have to be moved to garden.Excellent in a shallow bowl.

Suitability For Potting:

large pots, may ultimately have to be moved to garden.

Excellent in a shallow bowl with good drainage.

Light Requirementfull sun in a location with good air circulation

Light Requirement

full sun in a location with good air circulation

Cold & Frost Tolerance:to around -6C

Cold & Frost Tolerance:

to around -6C

Lifespan:long lived


long lived

Dormancy period:summer

Dormancy period:


Coastal Suitability:Yes

Coastal Suitability:


Growth Rate:slow100-200mm p.a. in favourable conditions

Growth Rate:


100-200mm p.a. in favourable conditions. Lower leaves drop off as the plant grows, exposing the trunk. These dying leaves gradually turn black, looking a little unsightly, but can be easily removed

Water Requirement:avoid overwatering particularly during summer dormancy

Water Requirement:

avoid overwatering particularly during summer dormancy

Disease & Pestsroot rotaphids

Disease & Pests

Root rot, particularly in summer. 

Aphids. Pay particular attention to these, the tight leaf structure makes ideal hiding places for these little suckers, especially with young plants.

Gall Mites. We have not seen this in any of our own plants but that does not mean these aloes are necessarily immune to attack from these pests.

Origin:South Africa


South Africa



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