Aloe-Aloe® Hybrid Aloe Starter Pak - medium aloes

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Three of our favourite medium Aloe-Aloe® hybrid aloes:

  • 1x 'Southern Cross'ᴾᴮᴿ
  • 1x 'Copper Shower'ᴾᴮᴿ
  • 1x 'Ivory Dawn'™ 

All plants are 140mm pots

Express Post plants are shipped bare rooted, Local Delivery plants have the option of delivery either bare rooted or in pots. Refer 'Shop & Ship' for details.

(See 'Pot or not' for a comparison of bare rooting vs potted)

Light Requirementfull sun, loves heatDeciduous in colder climates in winter
full sun

Water Requirement:water during summer but allow to dry between watering, minimal winter watering required

Low water requirement

Soil Type:gritty, free draining, slightly acidic

free draining soil or potting mix

 refer to individual listings for Aloe-Aloe® hybrid aloes for more specific plant details.

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