Golden Barrel Cactus

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Golden Barrel Cactus (Echinocactus Grusonii)

Excellent size for the price, these plants average 140mm in width and 100mm height (including spines)

An iconic cactus variety!

Plant Size:







Over time Golden Barrel cactus can form offsets (babies) that result in clumps of plants up to 1.8m wide


Flowering Period:produces a single flower spike at maturity


Bright yellow flowers up to 50mm dia. are produced on mature specimens receiving plenty of sunlight


Water Requirement:Low. Minimal water required winter

Water Requirement:


Minimal water required winter. Overwatering will lead to root rot, avoid watering in direct sun which can burn the plant

Drought tolerant

Disease & Pest Resistance:High

Disease & Pest Resistance:

Excellent, but keep an eye out for mealy bug, scale and spider mites

 Soil Type:free draining, slightly acidic

Soil Type:

Free draining

 Light RequirementFull sun, light shade

Light Requirement

Full sun, light shade. In extreme heat situations some protection from direct sun is advantageous

Cold & Frost Tolerance:to around -3C, excellent heat tolerance

Cold & Frost Tolerance:

Not generally considered frost tolerant, but can withstand short periods of cold, more so if the soil or potting mix is dry and well drained


 Growth Rate:moderately fast in summer if well watered

Growth Rate:

Expect 30-40mm p.a. in goood conditions

Spikes:leaf ends are sharp


Yes. Sometimes referred to as "Mother-in-laws cushion"!

Origin:One particularly small geographic region of Mexico


South-Western US, Mexico

Sun grown

Sun grown


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