Pachypodium Baronii

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These are awesome!

Arguably the most beautiful Pachypodium and the only one to produce red flowers.

The bulbous, swollen base becomes more prominent as it matures and is offset by multiple twisting branches.

Water and heat requirements make this a plant that requires some care, especially as to where you locate it, but it will return the care by becoming a true 'wow' factor plant for you. 

Can be grown indoors or in a patio in warm sunny conditions.


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Height: 0.4m (excludes flowers)






Suitability For Potting:Yes

Suitability For Potting:

Yes. Works well in containers

Flowering Period:Autumn, Winter, Spring

Flowering Period:


Water Requirement:Low but plant will benefit from water in very dry climate, particularly in summer.

Water Requirement:

Keep very dry in winter. Wet, cool winter conditions can lead to rot. Protect from rain in winter. Will tolerate watering in summer (soak & dry) but as the plant matures it will require less & less water.

Soil Type:Most soil types as long as free draining but rich soil preferred. If clay soils must raise plant so water drains away

Soil Type:

Gritty, very free draining

Ability to cope with high rainfall:High

Ability to cope with high rainfall:


Light Requirement:Full sun

Light Requirement:

Full sun, light shade

Frost Tolerance:Medium

Frost Tolerance:

No frost tolerance, cold sensitive. Garden plant in warm climates only (but avoid location where it will receive winter rain)

Sun grown
Sun grown


Two geographically small regions of Northern Madagascar


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