Sinocrassula Yunnanensis

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'Chinese Jade Plant', 'Hedgehog Plant'

A super cute succulent with a compact habit that forms rosettes of tightly bunched leaves with some variance in colouring possible from grey/green to almost black.

Perfect small indoor succulent.

Native to Yunnan Province in Western China.


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Plant size:


Mature height:0.8m

Mature height:


Mature width:0.8m

Mature width:

35 to 50mm (single rosette)

Sun/light requirements:Full sun, part shade

Sun/light requirements:

Part shade, bright light. Avoid hot afternoon sun

Rain/water requirements:

Apply ‘soak and dry’ watering, less when dormant (summer).

Ensure root ball completely dry before watering.

Frost/cold tolerance:Low/Moderate.

Frost/cold tolerance:


Suitability for pots:


Soil type:

Free draining

Hot house/shade house grown:NoOutdoor grown.

Hot house/shade house grown.

Grown in semi-shade



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