Ignoring the pun, Scyppan Green 'grew' out of Scyppan Design.

Increasingly our landscape design projects through Scyppan Design have entailed sourcing and supply of plants for our clients.

Primarily this was because we wanted control over the quality of plants provided and sometimes it was because some of what we love to specify is just plain hard to get.

And some of the really scarce plants we started growing because we simply couldn't source them.

It was only natural then that we would progress to offering plants for sale.

We have started with succulents and cacti (our personal passions) but you'll see there's more coming as we progress along.

We really hope you'll enjoy our website and not only become customers but maybe pick up some useful information along the way.

Thanks for stopping by.


Ps. If your wondering where the name comes from, Scyppan is an old English word from which 'landscape' is derived and means to 'shape or mold'.

So both our landscape designs as a whole and our plants themselves help to shape the landscape.

We think the name fits perfectly.



Andrew Bird

Scyppan Design 

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