Plant Breeders Rights (PBR)

A number of the plants we sell will be found with PBR beside the plant name and the official PBR logo on the label accompanying the plant .

This signifies the plant is subject to Plant Breeders Rights.

The Plant Breeders Rights Act 1994 recognises the cost in time, energy and money that goes into developing new plant varieties and gives the breeder wide ranging control over a variety for a period of 20-25yrs.

A breeder may choose, for instance, to grow a PBR plant for sale themselves, or may license the plant to other growers and receive a royalty on sales.

Whilst it doesn't prevent a person from propagating a PBR plant they have purchased for personal use, it does mean it is illegal for them to subsequently sell that plant for profit unless specifically approved to do so by the holder of the PBR.



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