Pot or not?

Potted or bare rooted?

For succulents and cacti, our Local Delivery gives you both options.

If your not quite sure which to choose, please read on ...

Posting succulents and cacti bare rooted by mail has advantages over sending them in pots.

One of those advantages is that the plant is dried before shipping, which means less chance of rot developing during transit when the plant is in the dark, zero-circulation confines of the box.

This is obviously not an issue with Local Delivery, so from that point of view there is nothing to be gained by bare rooting.

So, why would you request bare rooted plants for Local Delivery?

  1. Potting mixes (largely due to the organic matter content) do deteriorate somewhat over time and bare rooting provides the opportunity of putting your 'new baby' into 100% all new potting mix (if you intend to put it into a decorative pot) which will be beneficial for the plant.
  2. There is an argument that bare rooted succulents respond better than non bare rooted, irrespective of whether they are going into another pot or into the garden. They are able to form their own new rootball, rather than having the rootball shape still somewhat dictated by the confines of the pot it was growing in.


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