Commonly called ‘Hen and Chicks’ because they multiply readily, many of the bigger of these compact rosette shaped plants are just awesome grown in garden settings but arguably they are more suited to pots.

And they’re not complicated to grow.

Just follow some basic guidelines.

Native to Mexico and Central America they’re not great fans of the cold and should be protected from frost.

Some like full sun, but avoid direct hot afternoon sun, which can lead to ‘sunburn’.

Others require part shade/filtered light and totally dislike lots of sun.

Use ‘soak and dry’ watering during the growing season but reduce as cooler months approach.

This is a fairly typical watering regime for succulents but pay extra attention to not applying water into the rosette itself, which can possibly lead to rot.

Just one final word of warning concerning Echeveria.

Be careful, because if you start collecting these plants you just may not be able to stop!

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