Sansevieria Trifasciata Hahnii 'Jade' 140mm

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"Bird's Nest" Snake plant.

Compact form of Sansevieria that really lends itself to indoor decoration on living room or alfresco tables, bedroom side tables, bathrooms and office desks.

In fact, pretty much anywhere indoors!

The dark green leaves of 'Jade' work perfectly in modern, contemporary homes.

Easy care and able to handle lower light conditions.

Nb. Decorative pot in image not included

          Height: 0.4m (excludes flowers)


           0.15- 0.25m

Water Requirement:Low but plant will benefit from water in very dry climate, particularly in summer.

Water Requirement:

Water in summer only when soil has nearly fully dried, minimal water in winter

Disease Resistance:Highly resistant to pests and disease

Disease Resistance:

Highly resistant to pests and disease

Soil Type:Most soil types as long as free draining but rich soil preferred. If clay soils must raise plant so water drains away

Potting mix/soil:

Free draining potting mix with some composted organics

Light Requirement:Full sun

Light Requirement:

Bright indirect light, part shade, shade

Frost Tolerance:Medium

Frost Tolerance:

Frost sensitive

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