Euphorbia Flanaganii 'Medusa's Head'

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Uber cool succulent from the coastal regions of Eastern Cape/Natal in South Africa.

A swollen underground stem produces tentacle-like branches from which the common name was tagged, a reference to the Medusa of Greek mythology.

Thrives in hot, humid climates.

Perfect for pots and hanging baskets.

Available in 130mm pots with single or multiple head options.

The clay head pot (pictured) with a Medusa's Head are available for $150.00. Contact us direct (includes free local delivery- refer shop & ship for local delivery details. Outside of Sth-East Queensland contact us direct for a delivery cost).

Plant Size:




Branches up to 0.4m dia.

Suitability For Potting:Yes

Suitability For Potting:

Yes. Ideal in a decorative pot or hanging basket

Water Requirement:low

Water Requirement:

Likes more water than most succulent varieties. Weekly in summer, less in winter, avoid overwatering which can lead to rot.

Disease & Pest Resistance:high

Disease & Pest Resistance:


Soil Type:free draining, slightly acidic

Soil Type:

free draining, succulent & cacti potting mix

Light Requirement:full sun

Light Requirement:

full sun, minimum 6 hrs daily but avoid extreme afternoon sun

Cold & Frost Tolerance:-4C

Cold & Frost Tolerance:

Frost sensitive

Hot house grown:Yes

Hot house grown:

Outdoor grown. Sun hardened



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