Euphorbia Trigona 'Purpurea'

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When is a Cactus not a Cactus?

When it's a Euphorbia Trigona!

Trigona is very 'cactus like', so it's not surprising one of it's common names is 'High Chaparral'.

The Trigona name comes from the triangular shape of the stems

'Purpurea' is an lovely variety with burgundy leaves that become more pronounced in colour in full sun.

Perfect for succulent and desert themed gardens!

*Milky sap (when plant is damaged or cut) can cause irritation to eyes and skin. Always use gloves and eye protection when working with this plant*.

130mm shown in main black pot image, 100mm as stated in image.


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Plant size:


Mature height:


Sun/light requirements:

Full sun

Soil type:

Sandy, very free draining

Frost/cold tolerance:

to around -3C

Suitability for containers:

Yes, but beware, can get top heavy over time

Rain/water requirements:

Apply ‘soak and dry’ over summer, very little required in winter. That said, this plant does not like prolonged drought.

Pest and disease resistance:


Watch soil moisture levels, particularly in winter.

Prolonged wet soil will lead to root rot.

Hot house grown:

No. Sun grown


Saudi Arabia, Yemen

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