Peace Lily - Spathiphyllum Wallisii 'Sweet Romano'

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Don't pay anything up to $45 plus for these fantastic plants in 200mm pots!

These are really healthy, flourishing plants at a ridiculously low price!!!

With their heavily veined and glossy dark green foliage, 'Sweet Romano' makes an excellent addition to your indoor decor.

A hardy plant that produces long lasting flowers, mainly through spring and early summer, although they can flower sporadically at any time.

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*Decorative pot in image not included. We cannot guarantee your plant to be currently flowering at this time of year (autumn).

Plant Size:







Water Requirement:low, but will handle more water than other Agaves

Water Requirement:

Consistent moisture. Allow the top 25mm or so to dry out in-between waterings but avoid the plant becoming either fully dried out or waterlogged.

Soil Type:free draining, slightly acidic

Soil Type:

free draining, indoor plant potting mix rich in organic matter and containing additions to help aeration such as perlite.

Light RequirementFull sun

Light Requirement

Bright indirect, part shade, shade

hot house grown:Yes

Hot house grown:

Shadehouse grown

Nb. Harmful if eaten, skin and eye irritant

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