Sansevieria Trifasciata 'Black Diamond' 200mm

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Now here's a Sansevieria  that works a treat when used in conjunction with lighter coloured varieties such as 'Moonshine'.

Well suited to contemporary interiors given it's dark leaves.

Nb. Local delivery only (Brisbane/Gold Coast). Reach out to us for a postage rate for other Qld locations or interstate (Vic, SA, NSW, ACT)

          Height: 0.4m (excludes flowers)


           0.6 - 0.9m

Water Requirement:Low but plant will benefit from water in very dry climate, particularly in summer.

Water Requirement:

Water in summer only when soil has nearly fully dried, minimal water in winter

Disease Resistance:Highly resistant to pests and disease

Disease Resistance:

Highly resistant to pests and disease

Soil Type:Most soil types as long as free draining but rich soil preferred. If clay soils must raise plant so water drains away

Potting mix/soil:

Free draining potting mix with some composted organics

Light Requirement:Full sun

Light Requirement:

Bright indirect light

Frost Tolerance:Medium

Frost Tolerance:

Frost sensitive

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