'Twisted Cactus'

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Cereus Forbesii 'Spiralis'

One very cool cactus.

Columnar stems that form in a spiral pattern, this plant matures into a shrubby, tree-like form to 5m or possibly more.

Described as having a mature shape that is candelabra effect, we would suggest the branches are more random in the direction they grow, creating a wonderfully unique and less formally structured effect.

Flowers profusely in summer.


These have been grown in part shade and should be gradually exposed to full sun conditions.

There is slight variation in plant heights and width. Minimum trunk height is 200mm. Contact us for a pic if you want to see the plant before committing to a purchase.


Plant Size:





Habit:open symmetrical rosette of blue/grey leaves, slow clumping


Trunkless or very short trunk with multiple branches that grow randomly in direction

Suitability For Potting:Yes

Suitability For Potting:


Water Requirement:regular water in summer, allow soil to dry between waterings. Minimal water in winter

Water Requirement:

Water in summer, allowing soil to dry between watering.

Little or no water in winter

Disease & Pest Resistance:high

Disease & Pest Resistance:

Mealy bug, spider mites, thrips, scale

Watch for rot, especially if cold and wet conditions

Soil Type:free draining, slightly acidic

Soil Type:

Very free draining

Light Requirementfull sunprefers some shade during the day in hotter climates

Light Requirement

full sun but avoid burning hot afternoon sun

light shade when young.

Cold & Frost Tolerance:to around -3C

Cold & Frost Tolerance:

Will not cope with freezing temperatures, cold intolerant


Spikes:Yes. Very spiny








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