'Twisted Cactus'

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Cereus Forbesii 'Spiralis'

One very cool cactus.

Columnar stems that form in a spiral pattern, this plant matures into a shrubby, tree-like form to 5m or possibly more.

Described as having a mature shape that is candelabra effect, we would suggest the branches are more random in the direction they grow, creating a wonderfully unique and less formally structured effect.

Flowers profusely in summer.

*shown in black 170mm pot in image


Plant Size:






Habit:open symmetrical rosette of blue/grey leaves, slow clumping


Trunkless or very short trunk with multiple branches that grow randomly in direction

Suitability For Potting:Yes

Suitability For Potting:


Water Requirement:regular water in summer, allow soil to dry between waterings. Minimal water in winter

Water Requirement:

Water in summer, allowing soil to dry between watering.

Little or no water in winter

Disease & Pest Resistance:high

Disease & Pest Resistance:

Mealy bug, spider mites, thrips, scale

Watch for rot, especially if cold and wet conditions

Soil Type:free draining, slightly acidic

Soil Type:

Very free draining

Light Requirementfull sunprefers some shade during the day in hotter climates

Light Requirement

full sun but avoid burning hot afternoon sun

light shade when young.

Cold & Frost Tolerance:to around -3C

Cold & Frost Tolerance:

Will not cope with freezing temperatures, cold intolerant


Spikes:Yes. Very spiny








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